Angel Investment

Beyond Financial Investment

Angel Investment

We invest in outstanding entrepreneurs that have imaginative concepts, passion, drive and commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the market. Diversification of our portfolio is a vital part our responsibility to progress the future of Internet advertising. It is our strategic vision to work with experienced individuals that have sound business models and ambition to drive his or her company to the future.

Our experience in leadership and management of profitable subsidiaries combined with our partners concepts and ambition, create an environment destined for profitability. Each company has a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage that combines with our financial resources and expertise create a thriving environment.

Our philosophy is to aggressively invest and build. By serving as directors and providing strategic direction and constructive input, we create value for the companies that we invest in. We provide marketing, finance and other crucial initiatives needed to propel the company. Our executives and team work side by side, guiding and nurturing the companies to help meet challenges and weather any obstacles, particularity in the early stages of development

Entrepreneurs also obtain a positive advantage from the network of companies and businesses that Eagle Web Assets owns and aligns itself with. We provide wide-ranging contacts and complimentary benefits through valuable business linkages, experience, insight and advice. Eagle Web Assets adds value to every company invested in.