Long Term Strategic Diversification


The first seeds of Eagle Web Assets were planted in early 2002 with development of several gaming related websites. The websites were created purely for fun and was a side hobby, generating revenue from on-site advertisements. At that time, hosting was far more expensive and they were generating just enough money to pay for the bills to support them. One of the websites created began to grow in traffic, and to match the advertising profits started rising dramatically.

After seeing light at the end of the tunnel, we emulated this strategy to create sites based on profitable niches. As we added on more and more sites to our network we were able to create a self-sustainable automated solution to gain rankings on search engines. Scaling our niche website development division was organized and outsourced, becoming a vital part of Eagle Web Assets between 2004-2007.

In 2005 we first dipped into affiliate marketing by putting relative advertisements on our network of websites, essentially cutting out the middleman. After seeing a spike in profits, we quickly began to divulge more resources into this type of advertising. Eagle Web Assets studied and grew our affiliate marketing operation through a highly profitable mailing operation. In 2007 we decided to move full force towards affiliate marketing and began our journey by doing large direct site media buys on social websites, reaping huge profits.

In 2006 we began operating a search feed arbitration division, driving immense amounts of profit into the company. Eagle Web Assets had direct contracts with Yahoo! and scaled the operation to its fullest potential but later divested from this niche because of new restrictions and higher quality standards set by our advertisers. In 2008 we ceased this operation to focus all efforts towards our affiliate marketing operation.

After evaluation of our business model, we decided to once again refocus and move all financial and employee resources towards scaling our affiliate marketing operation. In order to gain more profitability, Eagle Web Assets began purchasing larger allotments of media. We continuously moved forward, capturing new trends and capitalizing on them first. We continue to grow and scale this profitable division, now employing 7 media buyers dedicated to building, optimizing, and scaling campaigns using our proprietary tracking technology.

After seeing the bleak landscape of affiliate networks and understanding the deficiencies in them, we founded EWA Private Network in early 2009. In creating EWA, we set a new standard for affiliate networks by improving the overall experience for affiliates and advertisers. By paying affiliates more, quicker, and providing actual help EWA was able to take immense market share since it's inception.

Our angel investment division began in mid 2009, privately purchasing our first Internet advertising company and quickly driving it into profitability through reorganization and management. Investment into new companies, ideas and in entrepreneurs remains in the forefront of our company's business model.

In mid 2010, we launched BLAM Ads - the complete incentivized solution providing innovative content gateway and virtual currency technology years in the making. Like we did with EWA, we analyzed the weaknesses in the current market and built a better solution for webmasters, developers and affiliates.